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Explore answers to St. Patrick School’s FAQs below. For additional questions, please contact St. Patrick School’s Main Office or schedule a visit to learn more.

How many students are in an average St. Pat’s class?

At St. Patrick School, we value the one-on-one time with teachers that only comes from small class sizes. From kindergarten to eighth grade, our average class size is between 15 and 20 students per class.

Can my child receive specialized attention for their individual learning needs?

Yes. Due to our small class sizes, St. Patrick teachers have the ability to give each of their students an individualized experience. If your child has special learning needs, we have trained Special Education teachers and an Educational Support Staff to assist them on a daily basis. The Chester County Intermediate Unit also has three permanent offices in the building for support in Math, Reading, Speech and Guidance Counseling.

Does St. Pat’s only teach Catholic students?

No. All students are welcome at St. Pat’s school. We utilize Catholic Christian teachings in our curriculum in order to instill a strong sense of morals in each child, but we do not require any religious background for admittance. All students are required to attend school liturgies and prayer services.

How much does faith influence the St. Pat’s curriculum?

Catholic faith and morality influence much of our educational program. Students learn Christian Catholic teachings, have dedicated Religion classes, and perform service to promote values. St. Patrick School even integrates this religious component into our STREAM program, where students use religion in order to give their science, engineering, math, and artistic education a higher purpose and ethical context.

What is the STREAM program?

STREAM stands for Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. This one-of-a-kind interdisciplinary and holistic program is a school-wide effort to create well-rounded and curious students. Each year, every grade participates in the same science-based STREAM project, completing a portion that is appropriate for their learning level. This year’s focus is Animal Habitats. St. Pat’s also has a STEM Club for students who particularly enjoy STREAM, and we recently invested in a state-of-the-art $60,000 Science Lab for student use.

What other special programs are available to students?

St. Patrick School offers special Science Lab, Computer Science, Spanish, Music, Art, and Library programs to every student as part of the curriculum.

Do you utilize technology in your curriculum?

Yes. From grades 2 – 8, St. Patrick School has a 1:1 student-tablet/Google Chromebook ratio. This means that each student is provided with an age-appropriate learning device for special classroom activities and instruction. Much of our curriculum, particularly STREAM, is dedicated to preparing students to successfully use technology in their everyday life.

Do you offer financial assistance?

Yes. We offer three tuition payment plans in order to lighten the financial burden on parents. Click here for more information. Scholarships and tuition assistance are available. All participants must complete Smart Aid forms to be considered. Contact Pat Wood in the Parish Office (610-647-2345) for additional details and information.

Can my child participate in sports and extracurricular activities through St. Patrick School?

Certainly. St. Patrick School has 32 after-school clubs, activities and sports teams for our kids, many of which are run through CYO. From sports, to science club, to band, to arts and crafts, we have activities of all kinds that our students love.

What approach does St. Patrick School take to security?

While we are fortunate to be in such a safe area, security is not something we take lightly. Our most recent upgrade took place in the 2014-15 school year, when we invested more than $100,000 in a new security system. The system includes stronger doors, more cameras, and an integrated security and alert system. The Malvern Police Station is also located at the end of our block and graciously performs daily walk-through security checks of the entire school. They have been a blessing to us and the children feel safer knowing that the officers are close by.

What is Parent/Teacher communication like at St. Pat’s?

The foundation of St. Pat’s thriving educational community is based on the strong relationships between parents and teachers. Our teachers are consummate professionals – over two thirds hold Master’s Degrees in their field – and they enjoy collaborating and sharing their knowledge with parents. Each teacher runs a class website to give parents information about work and assignments, and parents can also access My Student Progress, an educational management system that all of our teachers utilize.

Additionally, programs such as our Parent Advisory Council and parent surveys mean we are always looking for ways to better ways to serve parent needs. In our end-of-year parent survey last year, more than 90% of our parents identified “the community feeling” as the thing they like most about St. Pat’s.

Do you offer after-school care?

Yes. Our CARES program offers before-care and after-care. We even come in early for 2-hour delays so that you can get to work without worrying about getting your child to school late.



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