Technology in the Classroom
Technology in the Classroom

Proven Leadership in Technology Education

St. Patrick School is on the cutting-edge of Pre-K, elementary and middle school educational technology in the Chester County area.

St. Patrick’s was awarded by the Connelly Foundation for our leadership in technology investment, largely due to our creative teachers, who have the expertise necessary to integrate appropriate technology education into any subject or lesson.

Engaging with technology is an invaluable experience for young students. It inspires the collaboration, creativity and critical thinking skills that are necessary for success in the 21st century and also prepares them for increased success in high school and beyond.

St. Pat’s students access and utilize technology in increasingly immersive ways as their education progresses:

  • Pre-K & Kindergarten students use iPads for center activities.
  • 1st through 8th graders each have access to their own Chromebook.
  • Students and teachers expertly employ Google Classroom for continued learning.
  • All of our classrooms are equipped with Smart boards which enhance learning and interaction.
  • Computer Class is a required specialized course for all students.
  • 30 pairs of Google Expedition Virtual Reality Glasses are available to any class for enhanced lessons.
  • Teachers successfully deliver in-person and virtual learning instruction.
technology in the classroom

No matter what our Warriors go on to do, their technological background gives them the foundation to be innovators in their field.



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