Warriors of Academics

At St. Patrick School, our National Blue Ribbon-winning curriculum provides the perfect balance of academic rigor and support that students need for a successful education. From STEM-focused projects like STREAM to Genius Hour and everything in between, St. Pat’s unique programs are forming Warriors of Academics: thoughtful leaders of tomorrow who utilize state-of-the-art resources to meaningfully connect with their education.

As a Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, we also adhere to nationally recognized standards of excellence, with constant focus on the values and teachings of Jesus Christ. Our students experience faith as an integral part of their lives, not just reserved for Sundays.

St. Patrick School’s Innovative and Holistic Curriculum Includes:

Student/Device Ratio,
Grades 2-8

Acceptance into High School of Choice

> 2/3
of our Faculty Members hold Advanced Degrees

Core Experiential Learning Labs (CELLS) covered in our LabLearner Science Program

Annual school-wide STREAM project that spans grades and subjects

Pre-K & Kindergarten

curriculum kindergarten

Little Learners with Big Potential

St. Pat’s recognizes that Pre-K and Kindergarten students are in their most formative years. We believe that it is crucial for these budding learners to have an enriching, safe place to grow and explore their many talents. It is also important for these young students to begin to learn about Catholic values and faith, which permeate each part of our curriculum.

St. Patrick School’s Pre-K3 (three years old by Sept. 1) and Pre-K4 (four years old by Sept. 1) program is five full days per week.

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Our age-appropriate academics encourage Pre-K and Kindergarteners’ curiosity in a variety of ways:

  • Religious prayers and songs
  • Verbal and written language development
  • Movement and music
  • Recognition of numbers and spatial relationships
  • Teamwork and responsibility
  • Creative art projects
  • SMART technology and computer class
  • Special events, visits, and trips

Grades 1-5

curriculum grades 1-5

Expanding Horizons
for a Strong Foundation

Our impressive 1st – 5th grade curriculum is tailored to each age group, emphasizing that every student is a gift to their classroom with special talents to offer. In addition to providing students with a solid foundation for future academic success, St. Patrick School also helps them learn the most important lesson of all: who they are as children of God.

Parents of 1st – 5th graders will also notice that students receive at-home assignments to complete. These assignments are crucial to the early educational experience because they allow children to share what they are learning with family.

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Our 1st-5th grade academics include age-appropriate instruction in:

  • Religion: God’s love, the Sacraments, Saints and more.
  • Math: A foundation of basic skills, geometry and word problems.
  • Reading/Language Arts: From rhyming to writing fully-researched essays.
  • Science/Social Studies: Includes Lab Learner Program and basic history.
  • Prayer: Participation in group prayer and school worship.
  • Specials: Lessons in Music, Gym, Art, Computers, Library, Spanish, and Technology.
  • STREAM: A school-wide science, technology, religion, engineering, art and math project.

Grades 6-8

curriculum grades 6-8

Becoming Unique,
Well-Rounded Adults

In middle school, our teachers introduce a dynamic mix of education, spirituality and discipline to create a rock-solid inner strength and lifelong love of learning in each student. St. Pat’s diverse academic and extracurricular opportunities foster the awakening of students’ individual gifts as children of God.

To support students in these formative junior high years, St. Patrick School also provides regular communication regarding your child’s academic progress and areas of need. This personalized academic support is one reason why 100% of St. Pat’s students gain acceptance into their high school of choice as well as thousands of dollars in scholarships each year.

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St. Pat’s 6th–8th graders grow in leaps and bounds, both intellectually and spiritually, through a diverse curriculum of:

  • Math: Mathematical reasoning courses up to pre-algebra and algebra.
  • Social Studies: American history, ancient history and world culture.
  • Earth Science: Physical, life, and earth sciences.
  • English Language Arts: Both creative and analytical writing development.
  • Religion: Old Testament, Confirmation preparation and morality.
  • Spanish: Vocabulary, writing, speaking and cultural customs.
  • Art: Composition, color, design, and art history.
  • Computer Science: Microsoft Office, web design and technology integration.
  • Physical Education: Team sports, aerobics and creative new games.
  • Music: Theory, harmony, composers and song writing.
  • STREAM: A school-wide science, technology, religion, engineering, art, and math project.

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By combining a rigourous academic policy with a commitment to teaching the mission of Jesus Christ through a formal system of instruction, the vision of St. Patrick School is to help children develop into productive adults with strong Catholic Christian values.

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