Busing Info & Forms
Busing Forms

Busing Info & Forms

In order to receive busing, you are required to complete an ACT 372 form for the public school district in which you reside. A separate form must be completed and submitted for each child in your family.  West Chester and Downingtown School Districts have provided a link for the form.  Please choose the school district in which you reside and follow the directions on the form. School districts will not provide transportation until this form is completed. 

Click the link below to view form:

Downingtown ACT 372 Form

West Chester ACT 372 Form

Great Valley ACT 372 Form

Marple Newtown ACT 372

Owen J Roberts ACT 372 Form

Phoenixville ACT 372 Form

Spring Ford ACT 372 Form

T/E ACT 372 Form

Busing Forms

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