Music Program
Music Program

Musical Theory, Performance and Worship

As soon as students enter St. Patrick School, music becomes a part of their curriculum. From learning to move to a rhythm in Pre-K to understanding harmonies and historical composers in 8th grade, St. Patrick’s students are always given the opportunity to develop their musical talents and interests. This instruction in musical history, composition, and
performance—both in and out of the classroom—allows our students to appreciate and worship God in new and beautiful ways.

Music Class

Classroom music instruction includes music theory and literacy, performance with singing and the use of musical instruments. Students accompany songs and chants, using body percussion as well as instruments. St. Patrick students respond to music with movement and also have the opportunity to write and create their own music.

Musical Extracurricular Activities

Many of St. Patrick School’s extracurricular activities allow students with special musical inclinations to gain instruction and practice with their voice or an instrument.

Musical activities include:

  • Advanced Choir
  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Band
  • Musical Theater

More Extracurricular Activities

music class



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